Gears of War 4 Update for March to Include New Maps and Ranked Lobbies

Gears of War 4 March Update

The soldiers battle Gears of War 4 game is all set to undergo a major update in March 2017.

Post the update, the new game will host a slew of new maps and ranked lobbies, apart from depicting several game play modifications.The changes are bound to make the game more exciting than before. These updates will be available for both the PC and Xbox One versions.

Gears of War 4

There will be two new maps in the updated Gears of War 4. The first is a totally new map that took close to a year and a half for the developers to implement. The map will feature a single Diner with a neon-lit ambiance that is situated in a very dirty wasteland. There will be a lot of combat happening here both inside and outside the Diner. While the battle inside the premises is quite claustrophobic and intense, the outside war is very ranged. The other map is an updated re-imagined map that originally found its place in the previous version Gears of War 3. The highlight is undoubtedly the inclusion of Old Town with three different well defined lanes that have uneven elevations ranging from low to high. This township is located in a snowy coastal area. There will be powerful weapons like the sniper and the torque bow for soldiers to lay their hands on when they fight a battle. The new map updates are available today for a day to season pass holders, but will soon become a standard feature of the game from the middle of March.

Gears of War 4 March Update

As for ranked lobbies, these will be available to both competitive and core playlists in Gears of War 4. This is used to enhance the matchmaking flow process. When soldiers enter a pre-game lobby, they will be able to perform various tasks such as checking out different customization choices, select suitable bounties and even vote on maps. Once a match is done, the soldiers get automatically redirected to the lobby search area to look out for the next lobby without having to restart manually. Another small but significant update is that the Gnasher will have better close range consistency than it did earlier.

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Very soon Gears of War 4 will start hosting monthly events. The first event in this series is the Versus themed event that will begin on the March 24 weekend. This will be followed by the Horde themed event that will commence on March 31.

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