WhatsApp Dev Brings New Icons and Revamped Status UI for iOS, Android Versions

WhatsApp beta for Android

The overall user experience in WhatsApp is being revamped with new icons for specific actions as well as a renewed user interface for the status message page.

The developer team at WhatsApp is really busy as they rolled out WhatsApp version on iOS which has been reportedly receiving complaints from users. With so many new features, obviously the app has to deal with a lot of bugs. They have already sent an update file to Apple as confirmed by reliable source and it will soon be rolled out to users fixing the identified issues as well as new ones.

WhatsApp beta for iOS



A similar scenario exists for WhatsApp 2.17.89 for Android. While the version brings in a new icon for revoked messages making it look more minimalistic and stylish, it also has some bugs. According to the latest user review, the app continues to crash at random moments when they are in the middle of a conversation. It is expected to be rectified in a future update. The way links are displayed in the Android version of the messaging app has been altered. A screenshot has been posted below to give you an idea. If you haven’t received the update yet, all you have to do is just wait for the official notification.

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Majority of the changes made to the app on iOS and Android is very minor. You will hardly notice the difference. The iOS version of the app has received a new user interface when you download status messages. Most users want the old, simplified version of statuses back. WhatsApp team is planning to keep both the old and the new Snapchat inspired status within the application allowing users to pick their choice.

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If you are looking for old profile picture and status, head to the tab named ‘Your About’ which is where the old version of status is being kept. Most Android users have been experiencing crashing problems. If the problem persists, download the version available in this link until the next beta version is officially available in the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp beta for Android

More updates and bug fixing is expected to be done in the following weeks besides bringing the old status back on iOS and Android version of WhatsApp. It cannot be considered a bad move to add social media inspired status message. If they could keep both statuses, it would ensure their users are happy.

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