Google Allo Web Version Teased in New Screenshot, Dev Promises Release Date is Close

Google Allo Web Version

The Google Allo app is made to rival WhatsApp in many ways even though there is Hangouts.

The iOS and Android app will soon receive a web version that the developer teased in a new Twitter post.

While Hangouts make use of your Google username, the Allo app is pretty much like WhatsApp as it requires a phone number to use. The text messaging market is flooded with apps like WeChat, Snapchat, Kik among many others. Google pretty has an uphill battle to go against but the new text messaging app they launched was promising. However, it didn’t have the web version making it difficult for users to use the same simultaneously on the desktop and their smartphones.

Google Allo

The Google Allo Web version is finally coming as confirmed by Nick Fox, Vice President of Communications at Google. The head of the team revealed a screenshot on his Twitter icon that provided a quick glance of how the interface would look like. The Allo is quite fun to use with whole lot of stickers, smart replies and has Google Assistant incorporated into it. Being able to use the AI on your desktop is a pretty cool feature that most people would love to have and maybe it might also encourage some to use it instead of WhatsApp for their communication needs.

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Another prominent issue with the app is that it works only with one phone at a time. All conversation history is lost when you switch devices unlike Hangouts that work anywhere and uses cloud storage for your data. The upcoming web version of the app is expected to change things and make it better as WhatsApp does. Google has to compete a lot but they are going on the right track.

Google Allo Web Version

The clean interface, assistance provided by the AI and overall usability of Google Allo is very good. It has potential and all they have to do is sync messages on all devices while making the desktop version available as quickly as possible. Eventually, the crowded WhatsApp platform may force some people to come out of it and give Allo a shot which is cleaner, slick and looks more professional.

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When the desktop version of Allo rolls out, it may include chat backup, easy sync and be able to use the app on smartphone as well as a PC or Mac at once like Hangouts is. Let’s hope Google does it right this time around.

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