Google Hangouts Rumored to Remove SMS Support in May

Google Hangouts

Google has been vigorously splitting their apps back and forth.

It is unclear what they are going to do with Hangouts as a new rumor claims the company is going to remove SMS support for the app this May.

The search engine giant has always made some confusing decisions and later changed them when their users are not so happy with it. Google Talk became Gtalk and then it paved way for Hangouts. The all-in-one tool was pretty hand for many users because it allowed them to enjoy online conversations as well as have the SMS messages lined up. The interface even worked like Apple iPhone’s iMessage which grouped all conversations from both messages and hangouts in the same thread.

Google Hangouts

While not many used the feature, it did collate them all under one app. Google started changing them by first forcing people to switch to Messages and later introduced the Google Voice app. The Hangouts app was very successful a large group of audience uses it now for their internet communication needs. But, the company just wouldn’t let them stay onboard any longer. They want people to use Allo and Duo, two different apps for two different purposes. One is for text messages while another is for video calling.

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The latest rumor emerged from the e-mail message the company sent to their G Suite administrators. A warning message will start displaying in Hangouts for people who receive SMS messages in it. According to the screenshot, the SMS support will be fully removed from the app on May 22 putting an end to the multi-faceted app. While it may not affect the majority of users, forcing them to go off the platform to make voice, video and text calls separately are not the best suggestion either.

Google kills Hangouts SMS

The warning message also claimed that Google Voice users will remain unaffected by the change and the same applies for Project Fi which allows text, calls to go through. Google has been repeatedly axing one app or feature after the other then bringing them back online for no reason. If they remove Hangouts and ask people to go only with Allo or Duo, it would probably create a huge uproar and people may completely ditch the brand for instant messaging services. Meanwhile, Yahoo, Skype who are supposed to be giving a touch competition aren’t doing much leaving users in a state of confusion. The search engine company’s future plan to keep or remove Hangouts is unknown.

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