Super Mario Run Available a Day Earlier than Planned for Android Lovers

Super Mario Run for Android

Android users can now download their favorite title Super Mario Run from Google Play.

The game was officially released a day ahead of the actual planned date made by Nintendo a week ago. In fact, the Google Play Store had a pre-registration page for players to know when the game is available.

Super Mario Run

Just like its iOS counterpart released a couple of months earlier, the basic version of the game is available for free to install. However, to play all the levels, you must be prepared to make in-app purchases. This payment is needed if you plan to lay your hands on beyond the first four worlds. The amount is however very reasonable. The version available on the Play Store is marked as Version 2.0 and contains all the content that was made available to the iOS platform following a few updates of the same.

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In the Android version, you can try your luck with Super Mario Run by playing the game with just one hand. All you need is to master a few taps to have the pivotal character Mario, a plumber by profession, in your control as he runs forward. The tapping style determines how the character performs his jumps and spins, and also his leaps to collect sufficient number of coins and power-ups required to attain the goal. There are three modes – World Tour, Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally – each of which you can try playing in the free version before you pay to get going with the full game. When you pay for the higher levels, you are automatically entitled to try your luck with all three levels without having to empty your wallet further.

Super Mario Run for Android

The Version 2.0 of Super Mario Run features some new Yoshi playable characters. Their benefit is best experienced when you play the game in the Toad Rally mode. These Yoshis come in different colors, and can help you in collecting more number of toads in a specific color. Also, the updated version helps you decide on the frequency rate at which a toad of a certain color should make its appearance in the game. Yet another highlight of the new version is that it has become easier than before for you to accumulate your Rally tickets.

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It is interesting to note that Super Mario Run is the first among various Nintendo all time favorite titles to appear as a mobile game also. Remember that the app relies entirely on Internet connectivity and that you remain online throughout the time you play the game.

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