Whatsapp on iOS Soon to Get Business Specific Features, Away Message and DND Option


Whatsapp for Business was first introduced on the Android platform.

This particular version is yet to go live and is still in its early stages of development. Many users were worried if it would ever make its way to the iOS and it has finally did!

Being the two major mobile platforms, iOS and Android are no way inferior to one another. Except for the timed exclusives, almost every app and game will eventually be available on both platforms. Considering the number of users of Whatsapp on Android, the developers may have released the business app first on the platform before bringing it to iOS. You can finally put your doubts to rest as the company has confirmed that all the business specific features will be available on both operating systems so that users could utilize it to the full extent and stay in touch.

Whatsapp on iOS

Earlier, it was reported that a company will be able to verify itself as a trusted source. The idea is similar to Twitter and Facebook in which verified accounts have more mileage and credibility compared to thousands of fake accounts that operate using brand names and celebrity names. By bringing it to Whatsapp, the developers have done a great job allowing users to rely on any information shared through the phone number. Once registered, you will also receive an option to activate the Do Not Disturb, DND option in case you don’t wish to receive updates from the specific company.

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The option makes it easier for any user to stop receiving too many updates over the app, avoid spam and scam messages. From a business perspective, it encourages all brands and companies to never send too many updates to a customer unless they ask for it. It promotes more meaningful and important updates from every business rather than spamming their loyal customers. If you choose DND for a particular phone number, you may no longer receive updates from the same.

Whatsapp on iOS soon to Business

Business establishments have the option to add a new phone number as their verified source and discard the old number. In such a scenario, you will once again receive updates from the new number until you choose DND for the same. An away message can be created for companies when their employees are unable to respond immediately. It also indirectly acts as a customer care service over Whatsapp for iOS and Android users who may require immediate chat support.

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