Google Might Face Class Action Lawsuit for Bootloops Issue Nexus 6P : Passing the Buck

Nexus 6P

It seems that Google might face a class action lawsuit for the bootloop issues with the Nexus 6P.

This is similar to the lawsuit that LG faced with the bootloop issues on several of its flagship devices, such as the Nexus 5X. The law firm has not yet filed any action so far and it is possible that it might never do so, but trouble sure seems to be brewing.

Google Lawsuit Over Nexus 6P

Lawsuit Against Google

The Nexus 6P had faced similar bootloop issues last year as well.  Chimicles and Tikellis LLP C&T, a law firm, might file the lawsuit against the company, according to news from Android Police. The class action lawsuit will also include coverage of battery shutting down prematurely, which is one of the issues that customers are complaining about.

Though the lawsuit has not yet been filed, it is just a matter of time before the trigger is pulled. It might be interesting to note the response of the both the companies, involved, Google and Huawei.

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Google or Huawei

Though there are problems with the hardware and the software of the Nexus 6P, the actual problem lies in the fact that both Google and Huawei are passing the buck. Both of them do not wish to accept the responsibility for the issue. According to the law firm, consumers state that Google is telling them to ask from coverage of the warranty from Huawei in this problem. Huawei, on its part, is not unhelpful and is trying to stonewall the attempts made by customers for getting coverage on warranty.

Consumers Frustrated

Google as well as Huawei are not attempting any solution for the problem. Google seems to be aware of the issue and has assigned the bootloop problems along with the shutdown problem in the tracker. However, Google continues to state that users affected by the problem should get a replacement from the customer support. Huawei continues to maintain that it is a software problem and not hardware one, so the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover the issue, even if it is still in date. Consumers have been very frustrated in their attempts, as neither company, Google or Huawei, is ready to make any investigations or support them.

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Episode of Suits

Android hardware news is beginning to look like an episode of the famed TV serial ‘Suits’. Google is being accused of a problem similar to the one LG faced earlier.

Nexus 6P

The problem seems to be that many users were experiencing an early shut down issue, which caused the Nexus 6P to die even when there was 60% battery in the device. Chimicles and Tikellis LLP are considering bringing in a lawsuit against the company, Google, for some of its customers who are facing this problem. The potential lawsuit would also include the bootloop problem that affected the users of the Nexus 5X of LG. Customers who are using the Nexus 6P running Android 7.0 version have reported most of the problems, but there are also claims that going back to the previous OS version, Marshmallow 6.0 also does not fix the problem.