Google Play Store Delists GTA Vice City Android

GTA vice city

If you visit the Google Play Store library, you will not find GTA Vice City listed on it anymore.

What this means is that you cannot download and play the game on your smartphones or tablets. Individuals who already installed the game on their smart devices can play it but those who have paid for it but haven’t installed it yet won’t be able to enjoy the game.

As per industry insiders, this has probably been done so that the developers could channel their energies towards getting the Definitive Edition of the game ready. There is some good logic behind this theory. It must be remembered that before the remastered trilogy had a PC release, the original titles were delisted and replaced with the remastered versions.

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The fact that Play Store has delisted GTA Vice City Android hasn’t gone unnoticed by gamers. Many of them have expressed their concerns on social media.

A while back, several players complained about their inability to buy GTA games on or for their Android devices. Multiple GTA titles were missing from the Play Store and it resulted in a lot of confusion and inconvenience for the players. What has happened this time is that a particular game is not available on the Play Store. If GTA Vice City Android has been delisted as a part of the publisher’s release strategy for the Definitive Edition Trilogy, then players should expect San Andreas and GTA 3 to be removed from the platform soon.

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Though Vice City is nowhere to be found on the Play Store, Android users still have the option of buying other games by Rockstar Games from the store. Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Liberty Stories, GTA San Andreas, GTA: Chinatown Wars, RDR 2: Companion and Max Payne Mobile are some of the many games by Rockstar Games available on the Play Store.

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