GTA Online Update To Bring In New IAA Contact Missions


After a long time, Grand Theft Auto Online is all set to receive an important content update.

This new update will mark the arrival of IAA Contact Missions and several other new materials into the game. It’s been a while since one heard about a new summer DLC update to be introduced in the game. In 2021, players witnessed the introduction of the Los Santos Car Meet DLC. This particular DLC contributed greatly towards reviving the car culture in GTA Online’s gameplay.

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Though fans had been asking questions to Rockstar Games about their plans for GTA Online for a long time, the gaming publisher has largely been silent on the same. After being quiet on this matter for several months, Rockstar has now finally issued an official statement on the future of the game.

As per Newswire, the game will be given a major update in the next couple of weeks. This update will be available to all the players regardless of the platform they are playing the game on. The one thing players can look forward to is the inclusion of a bunch of Contact Missions which shall enable players to function as IAA agents.

Apart from giving gamers the chance to work as IAA field operatives, it will also offer them the very exciting opportunity to investigate a criminal conspiracy. The update is said to work as an Expansion for the criminal activities of nightclub owners, bikers, gunrunners and executives.

While the Contact Missions would offer a lot of fresh content to the players, they can also expect to witness some key changes in the overall gameplay. Players can look forward to a higher GTA$ payout in the game. If you like using weapons extensively, then you would be happy to know that armors will be more accessible in the game now. During Invite Only sessions, players will now have access to Sell Missions.

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The developers expressed their gratitude to the GTA Online community for their continuous support of the game and for playing an important role in its steadily growing popularity. Players have now been promised that new updates will be rolled out at regular intervals. As per the developers, players can look forward to community challenges, well-designed seasonal events, gifts, lucrative bonuses and a lot of other wonderful surprises with the arrival of the next update.

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