Grand Theft Auto 4: Lesser Known Trick in the Game Enables Players To Hire Homeless People For Fist Fights

GTA The Triology

Very few games feature as many elements as you come across in the Grand Theft Auto gaming franchise by Rockstar Games.

While the GTA games might seem complex initially, very soon you realize these games offer the excitement of discovering something new and fresh at different junctures. Given the fact that there are so many things to explore in the game, it is quite natural for some features to be overlooked by the players.

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Recently, a TikTok user, who goes by the user name hiddengamingdetails, brought a lesser-known trick in the game to the attention of Grand Theft Auto 4 players. Using this trick, players would be able to offer money to homeless people and make them their allies during fist fights in the game. In a clip shared by the user, one can see Niko Bellic, who plays the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 4, dropping money on the ground and it being picked up by a homeless individual. After this, Niko lands a punch of a moving taxi. This results in the taxi driver getting out of the car and indulging in a fight with Niko.

As the angry driver punches Niko, the homeless person joins the latter in the fight and starts defending him. While this trick does not make permanent companions out of destitute people, it helps you when you get into some trouble in the game and need help. The majority of the players were not aware of this trick but now, thanks to this clip shared by the TikTok user, they are.

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If you play Grand Theft Auto 5 and wish to use this trick, then there is some bad news for you. This feature is not available in GTA 5. Perhaps, it was not included in this particular version because the developing team didn’t find it to be extremely useful. If you are planning to use this feature in GTA 4, then there is an important thing you must remember. A homeless person might not get into the fight if weapons are involved in it.

Now that we are looking forward to the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6, one wonders whether this feature will be incorporated in it or not. Since Rockstar Games has not even confirmed the fact that it is working on developing GTA 6, one should not expect to get any confirmation about the inclusion of this feature in it.

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