Grand Theft Auto Online’s Next-Gen Version To Have A New Map, Claims Leaker


There have been strong rumors about a new map being introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online.

While one has been hearing about these claims for a while, a freshly leaked information has worked towards substantiating these reports.

When any news pertaining to Grand Theft Auto comes around, fans immediately assume that Rockstar Games is gearing up to add a new entry to the franchise. Even when PlayStation 5 was unveiled, one of the first things fans noticed was the logo of Rockstar Games on it and that led them towards believing that, finally, there will be an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans were a little underwhelmed when Rockstar Games made an announcement about Grand Theft Auto 5 arriving on PlayStation 5.

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Now that GTA 5 has been made accessible on the next-generation hardware, one can expect GTA Online to be launched on it soon. Every year, one witnesses a steady growth in the number of gamers playing GTA Online. Gaming experts are of the opinion that the popularity of GTA Online has also tremendously helped GTA 5. Even after 8 years of its release, the latter manages to sell millions of copies even now.

While GTA Online features a variety of game modes, it has a few shortcomings including the fact that there is just one map in the game. With the help of this one map, you can just about explore San Andreas’ open world. Now, a tweet shared by @Matheusbr9895, a prominent industry insider, has confirmed that the game will soon do away with this shortcoming.

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In a bunch of tweets, that were originally posted in the Portuguese language, the leaker has asserted that while GTA Online’s standalone version will be released alongside the next-generation upgrade of Grand Theft Auto 5, the gaming company will need to keep upgrading or adding new elements to it so that players remain interested. When a Twitter user requested him to share more information about this, he said, “can’t say much, but pack your bags.”

The leaker has not really shared a vast amount of information but with the standalone version of GTA Online stated to release soon, Rockstar Games would definitely do something to make its presence felt. Adding a new map to the game should help in shaking things up a bit. In Grand Theft Auto 5, many scenarios were based in and around North Yankton, so there is a big chance of the new map designed to familiarize one with this area.

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