Grand Theft Auto 4 Remake Trailer Made By Creative Fan

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Grand Theft Auto fans often put across demands for the remake of their favorite games.

While fans had been requesting Rockstar Games to put together a remake of Grand Theft Auto 4, the gaming publisher had not shown any interest in this idea. However, that did not stop a particular fan from imagining a GTA 4 remake.

A YouTube channel called TeaserPlay features a fan-made trailer for GTA 4 in Unreal Engine 5. Using Unreal Engine 5, TeaserPlay put together a concept for a GTA 4 remake TeaserPlay offered a glimpse of how a GTA 4 remake would come across on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC. What you see in the trailer, of course, is not a new game, but it is quite inventive as it showcases what a well-done remake of GTA 4 could look like.

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The video features several visuals from the original GTA 4. What’s interesting is that these visuals have been put together in a way that you get an impression of it being a new game. NicoBellic, the main protagonist of GTA 4, has been shown prominently in this fan-made trailer.

The 1:34 minute-long trailer features several standout moments. Many fans were excited to see different areas of Liberty City in the video. Though the city has always had a reputation for having a character of its own, Unreal Engine 5 makes it look even more grand and glorious. The views on the trailer serve as an indicator of the fact that it has been liked by many. In the near future, one expects GTA fans to share it even more fervently.

Given the fact that it is a fan-made trailer, one should not form one’s expectations around a GTA 4 remake based on this. If at all Rockstar decides to work on a GTA 4 remake, it would be very different from the way it has been portrayed here.

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