Grand Theft Auto 6 Image Sparks Off Rumors Of A New Announcement

GTA 6 Release Date

Though the development process of Grand Theft Auto 6 is in its early stages, GTA fans are quite excited about it and constantly looking for updates pertaining to the game.

Rockstar Games confirmed the existence of GTA 6 in February but hasn’t shared any information about the game since then.

Apart from raising the level of curiosity among fans, the silence at Rockstar’s end has also resulted in increasing the hype around the game. While Rockstar hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the numerous rumors floating around, a recently emerged piece of information has hinted toward the gaming publisher making an important announcement about the game soon.

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A recently published report by Dexerto, which makes a reference to GTA Forums post by popular GTA insider Tez2, is the reason behind fans feeling hopeful about an announcement coming their way soon. A ‘mysterious screenshot’ has paved the way for these rumors. According to Tez2, there is a strong possibility of Rockstar Games making an official announcement about GTA 6 on October 23.


Last year, a bunch of GTA fans spotted an image that they believed was a GTA 6 screenshot camouflaged in GTA Trilogy. The picture featured a mysterious house and one could also see a UFO nearby. While there was no surety of it being an image from GTA 6, it got fans talking. This particular picture was discovered in Lil’ Probe’Inn, a cult UFO-themed bar based in San Andreas.

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Tez2 has stated that GTA Online might feature UFOs in the near future. He further added that Rockstar might start mentioning UFOs in a soon-to-be-published post on Twitter. When it comes to information or leaks related to GTA games, Tez2 is known to be highly reliable. Whether this particular prediction made by him turns out to be true or not is something we will get to know in the days to come.

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