Sims 4 Glitch Results In Toddler’s Head Being Turned Into a Mailbox

Sims 4 Player

The Sims 4 is all set to complete a decade of its existence.

While the game has been very popular and fans have enjoyed it immensely, it has received its fair share of criticism as well. Recently, a player stumbled upon a rather strange visual. They noticed that the head of their Sims 4’s child had gone missing and it had been replaced by a massive mailbox.

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Toodlers were included in The Sims 4 years after the game was launched officially. Their inclusion was appreciated by the majority of the fans. While the aforementioned glitch doesn’t have a direct relation with the sims’s age, one has to take that into account while analyzing what has happened here.

Voldarian_Empire, a Sims 4 player and a Reddit user, was the one who first shared the details of this rather weird incident that took place in the game. As per Voldarian_Empire, the incident took them by complete surprise. The toddler was moving around their house with a huge mailbox. This giant mailbox served as a replacement for the toddler’s head. The video, shared by them on Twitter, offers a good glimpse of this strange occurrence.

My toddlers head is a giant mailbox and I have no idea why from Sims4

Once Voldarian_Empire spoke about this issue, many players came forward to offer a solution to this. It was discovered that it is a relatively common glitch in the Sims 4. The game enables players to use a variety of cheats by typing out the phrase ‘testingcheats true’ in the console.

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The mailbox placed outside is used quite regularly to get one’s hands on cheats that could prove to be useful while playing the game. The problem, interestingly, came from here. Once you activate the cheats, you get the opportunity to select “Set as head” which replaces the active sim’s head with the particular object that the player has selected.

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