Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Is Now Available In Offline Mode

Kingdom Hearts

Four months back, RPG series Kingdom Hearts completed two decades of its release.

Publisher Square Enix celebrated the event with an online event. Apart from releasing a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, the Japan-based video game company shared an important update about Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

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A while back, Square Enix had promised the fans that it will deliver the story finale of the mobile game this month. Fans were quite delighted when the gaming publisher stuck to its promise and delivered what it had promised to. There was more good news in store for fans. Players now have the opportunity of downloading an offline version of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

Around a year back, Square Enix made an announcement about shutting down Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road. After this particular announcement came through, just about a handful of updates have been rolled out to the game. The launch of the game’s story finale and its offline version got delayed multiple times. It must be mentioned here that Kingdom Hearts: Union X and its successor Dark Road are still a part of the Dark Seeker saga and are closely connected to the plot of Kingdom Hearts.

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In a recently shared post on Twitter, Square Enix confirmed that Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’s offline version is up for download on both Android and iOS devices. The release of this particular update has coincided with Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road’s final story update.

As soon as fans got to know that an offline version of the game now be downloaded, they came up with a variety of questions about it on social media. One of the most common questions asked was whether they would have to let go of the progress they have made and start from scratch. While Square Enix hasn’t responded to any of these queries, there is a good possibility of players discovering a lot of things by themselves as they explore it.

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