Grand Theft Auto 5 Makes An Important Alteration To Anti-Cheat System

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Grand Theft Auto 5 has introduced a major change in the anti-cheat system on PC.

As one has seen with the GTA Series in the past, not every change improves the gameplay or helps the players in any way. This change, in particular, could result in some inconvenience for GTA Online players.

Since GTA 5 is one of the most successful games of our times, it is quite common to see players resorting to cheating and other unethical practices while playing it. In the last couple of years, this has been one of the biggest issues with the game. While players on consoles have faced a limited number of issues, the ones playing the game on PC have not been so fortunate. Hackers have created several types of problems for some time now.

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As per leaker Tez2, the recently released patch for GTA 5 manages to eliminate 95% of the anti-cheat system in the game. Many of the players responded to this piece of information in a humorous manner by stating that the game was already infested with hackers of all kinds. There is a lot of confusion around this particular move taken by Rockstar Games.

There have been speculations about Rockstar Games working towards modifying the anti-cheat system. A large number of players are of the opinion that this wouldn’t be a good move. Recently, Rockstar Games suffered from a massive hack that resulted in some GTA 6 footage getting leaked. With Rockstar bringing in this change with the anti-cheat system of GTA 5, the game might just become more vulnerable to cheaters.

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The aforementioned hack created quite a buzz in the gaming community. The hacker made a big claim about them having access to Rockstar titles’ source code. While there is no clarity about the authenticity of the hacker’s claims, it is imperative that Rockstar Games takes certain important measures to tighten its internal security. If such a hack happens in the near future, it will greatly tarnish the reputation of the gaming publisher. While changing or modifying certain features pertaining to their titles, Rockstar must exercise a certain amount of caution.

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