Grand Theft Auto 5 Might Get A Major Update Very Soon

Rockstar Games

GTA 5 fans who were waiting for a new update to be rolled out for the game now have a reason to celebrate!

If recently floated rumors are to be believed, Grand Theft Auto 5 will receive a new update for PC very soon. Tez2, who is a popular dataminer and insider, has claimed that Rockstar Games will launch a new title update for the game which has been around for close to a decade. While Rockstar has refrained from commenting on these rumors, Tez2 has asserted that the soon-to-be-launched update will drive away bugs and fix many security issues pertaining to the game.

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Though Tez2 has not confirmed which version of Grand Theft Auto 5 will be getting the update, many are of the opinion that this particular update will be rolled out for the multiplayer version of the game. Fans have arrived at this theory based on the fact that Rockstar had earlier stated how the campaign mode of GTA 5 is a ‘complete game’ in itself and doesn’t require any alterations.

On July 17, a tweet shared by Tez2 revealed crucial information pertaining to the GTA 5 update designed for PC. As per the leaker, Rockstar has updated the QALive branch of the decade-old game on SteamDB. They also put up a screenshot of the Steam database which offers a glimpse of the new alterations made on July 17.

GTA 5 update

The leaker further stated that the upcoming update could result in a change in the build number for GTA Online. The new San Andreas Mercenaries DLC altered the build number to 1.0.2944.0_A. If we go by Tez2’s statements, the build number for the upcoming update could be the same as that of the last one.

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