GTA 6 Could Deviate From an Important Tradition of Rockstar Games

GTA 6 leak

If recent reports are to be believed, GTA 6 could feature something that would shock the franchise fans!

Grand Theft Auto Online, launched in the year 2013, has emerged as a major success story of Rockstar Games. While the online multiplayer action-adventure game has done a lot of good for Rockstar, the gaming company is primarily known for its single-player games. There are several common elements in these titles. These games, for instance, have never attempted conventional co-op in their various story modes. However, the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6 could change that.

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While players have had the opportunity to play mini-games with other players in certain games like the Bully, there was not much that one could do with the story. Though Rockstar has constantly done a lot of innovation with its single-player titles, it largely refrained from trying out the co-op genre. With GTA 6, it could finally go down that path. By doing this, an old Rockstar Games tradition would finally be broken.

Several players like the idea of playing a game where they can move from one story to another. If Rockstar integrates co-op in the main story mode of GTA 6, it would definitely help in attracting several gamers to it. At the moment, there is a good chance of the gaming publisher putting together a setup that would two players to work together in a co-op environment. GTA 6 could be the right platform for Rockstar to step into the space of traditional co-op.

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Ever since Rockstar confirmed that it is working on developing the next iteration in the GTA series, one has been coming across reports about the game on a regular basis. The aforementioned information, just like most other details that have come to the fore about GTA 6, remains unverified.

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