Resident Evil 9 Could Be Launched In 2025

Resident Evil 9

If a reliable insider is to be believed, gamers would have to wait for two more years to play Resident Evil 9!

A community member, on the Snitcher’s Discord, posed a question to DuskGolem, a prominent horror leaker. The community member wanted to get an idea about the release date of Resident Evil 9. DuskGolem’s reply to the community member was, “2025, I’ll say that much, though [it will] probably be announced next year.”

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Fans of the franchise would remember that Biohazard was released in 2017. The Resident Evil 2 Remake was launched in early 2019. In 2021, Capcom released Village. Two years after that, Resident Evil 4 Remake was launched. By that logic, one can assume that Resident Evil 9 would release two years from now.

It would be quite appropriate to believe that the leaker has stated something which could turn out to be true. As a gaming publisher, Capcom has been following a particular pattern for releasing its titles. After launching a new title, it releases a remake. After that, it comes out with a new title. For the last six years, Capcom has followed this trend with discipline.

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If we join the dots, not only will Capcom release Resident Evil 9 in 2025, but it will also launch a remake in 2027. Dusk has also stated that a “big Capcom game” will be unveiled towards the end of this year and get a release date in Fall 2024.

Dusk Golem: Capcom announcing a major title this year, Resident Evil 9 will be released in 2025
by u/RedPyramidScheme in GamingLeaksAndRumours

Dusk didn’t offer any clarity on what this big game is. However, as soon as the leaker shared this update, fans started discussing it in gaming communities. Many gamers, on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, are of the belief that this new game could be a new Monster Hunter. In the recent past, there have been rumors about the game making an appearance at The Game Awards. Some fans are also of the opinion that this new game would be a remake of Dino Crisis.

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