GTA 5: Gamers Now Have a Chance To Download And Play It For Free

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If you always wanted to try out GTA 5 but didn’t want to buy it, you have the opportunity to download it at zero cost now!

Grand Theft Auto 6 is, undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated games at the moment. While there is tremendous excitement for the game, fans are also quite aware of the fact that they will have to wait a while for the game to be launched. Till the time that happens, fans have to contend with Grand Theft Auto 5.

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GTA 5, despite releasing almost a decade ago, continues to top the popularity charts. While older players are hooked to the game, the game keeps being discovered by new players almost every day. The popularity of the game is one of the reasons why Rockstar Games remains focused on its growth and rolls out updates for it regularly.

GTA 5 has made a comeback on Xbox Game Pass and can be downloaded by those who have subscribed to this gaming service. Subscribers of Xbox Game Pass, both on console and cloud, can play GTA 5. The game, however, is not available on Xbox Game Pass PC version. Xbox Game subscribers can play the game on both cloud and console free of cost. Many other popular games are slated to release or brought back on Xbox Game Pass soon.

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Meanwhile, the buzz around GTA 6 keeps getting stronger with time. A while back, Take-Two Interactive had teased a big release coming through between April 2024 and April 2025. There is a strong chance of GTA 6 releasing during this period. If somebody is waiting for GTA 6 but has not tried out GTA 5, it is imperative that they do that. Now that the game is available free on Xbox Game Pass, it should attract several more players towards it.

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