GTA 5 Source Code Gets Leaked On GitHub

Grand Theft Auto 5

While there is a lot of anticipation around GTA 6, the other games published by Rockstar Games continue to make news.

This time, Grand Theft Auto 5 is being discussed extensively in the online GTA forums owing to a leak.

In February this year, Rockstar Games finally confirmed that it is working on developing the next iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series. Though Rockstar hasn’t confirmed what the game would be called, one is almost certain that it would be referred to as Grand Theft Auto 6.

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In the last couple of months, GTA fans have come across a barrage of rumors and leaks pertaining to the game. Rockstar, on its part, has maintained complete silence. Since the game is in its initial stage of development, one can expect to see a lot of GTA 6 related content in the months to come.

Despite all the excitement surrounding GTA 6, GTA 5 continues to get a lot of attention. GTA 5 has emerged as the highest-selling console game of all time. Despite being launched almost a decade ago, the game continues to be extremely popular. While new gamers continue to discover, it has remained a favorite game of loyal fans.

A part of the game’s source, containing scripting functions and turntables, has been leaked on GitHub. As per recently published reports, the leak consists of cut content originating from GTA Online along with important developer notes.

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In September, a hacker had managed to get their hands on GTA 6 source code. They also managed to source internal gameplay videos associated with the game. It seems that around the same time, when the hacker attacked the internal systems of Rockstar Games, they managed to procure the GTA 5 source code.

The source code has been made available on GitHub. While anybody can download it, it won’t be of any use to a player. However, players can still have a look at this source code on GitHub. Rockstar Games should take appropriate action soon enough to take it down. After the GTA 6 source code leak, this is yet another leak that has raised concerns about the security measures employed by the gaming publisher to protect its content.

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