Grand Theft Auto 5 To Receive DLSS 3 Mod Very Soon


The DLSS 3 mod should greatly appeal to those who have been wanting to see some dynamism in GTA 5!

Those who play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC will soon get the opportunity to install a DLSS 3 mod put together by PureDark. Since the modder has been working around the mechanics of GTA 5 for a very long time, one expects good things from this mod. Just recently, PureDark uploaded the first demonstration video of this mod on YouTube.

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Till now, PureDark has created mods for several games. However, what makes GTA 5 different from all those games is the fact that it does not have motion vectors. As many fans would be aware, motion vectors are used extensively in upscaling techniques. Because of this, PureDark had to patch countless shaders to include motion vector generation in the game.

Though GTA 5 has been around for a decade now, PC mods are still used to improve its visuals. To test the mod, PureDark used NaturalVision Evolved, ENB and QuantV. All these three tools were enabled and used together to get the results. With a GeForce RTX 4070T and AMD Ryzen 7 5800x at his disposal, he was able to run the game at 30FPS. By enabling Frame Generation and DLSS Super Resolution, the creator was able to double the frame rate.

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One of the things that PureDark observed is that including the upscaling technology by NVIDIA serves as a good alternative to the default options in the game like MSAA, FXAA and TXAA. The auto-encoder neural network, apart from enhancing the visual quality, also eliminates temporal artifacts from the game.

The DLSS 3 for GTA 5 will be launched in the next few days and fans can see for themselves how good or underwhelming it proves to be. PureDark has assured fans that this particular mod will be compatible with the FiveM roleplaying platform. To get your hands on this mod, you will be required to subscribe to the creator’s Patreon page. Before the GTA 6 trailer arrives in December, this mod should keep fans happy.

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