Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Use Special Engine For Better Graphical Output

GTA 6 Developer

A new rumor around the Grand Theft Auto 6 has caught the attention of a large number of gamers owing to the graphics it teases.

This particular rumor has come from Rockstar Magazine’s Chris Klippel. As per Klippel, the upcoming GTA game will be using the latest RAGE engine. This is the same engine which Rockstar Game uses for many of the GTA games and Red Dead Redemption.

If you have enjoyed the graphics you came across in Red Dead Redemption 2, you must thank this particular engine for it. RDR 2 has been widely acknowledged as one of the best games of modern times in terms of visuals and graphical design. This is quite remarkable and a huge achievement from the game as it has been around for close to four years now.

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Kippel has praised the output offered by the aforementioned engine highly and stated the quality of images produced by it is “quite incredible”. He further asserted that the engine is far “ahead of its time”. Kippel has also claimed that Rockstar Games is trying to come up with strategies to march ahead of Unreal Engine 5.

For the uninitiated. Unreal Engine 5 happens to be the next-gen version of Unreal Engine. The internal industry reports of Unreal Engine 5 have been highly positive and developers, who have tried it out, have spoken highly about it. Because of the high functionality and great output offered by it, a large number of studios are letting go of proprietary tech in order to use it.

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If GTA 6 gets powered by the latest version of the RAGE engine, the feel and graphical design of the game could make it closely resemble Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Given Rockstar Games’ reputation, it should find out several innovative ways to get the best out of this advanced engine.

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