Grand Theft Auto 6: Fans Might Have To Wait Till 2026 For The Game To Release

GTA 6 concept maps

One of the most speculated things about Grand Theft Auto 6 has been its release date.

While many leakers and insiders have pointed towards different release windows, Rockstar Games hasn’t dropped any hint about when it plans to launch the game. However, if one goes by the details imprinted on the latest earnings report from Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, the game will see the light of the day in 2026.

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It must be noted here that many of the rumors surrounding the release date of GTA 6 had stated that Rockstar Games wouldn’t be ready to release GTA 6 before 2025. The financial report, in a way, has helped in substantiating the rumors asserting that the game is a couple of years away from being launched.

In the aforementioned earnings reports, Take-Two Interactive has shared information about the games it plans to launch between FY2023 and FY 2026. While a bunch of games finds a place in the list, GTA 6 has not been mentioned.

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While the gaming publisher could change its mind later, the financial report states that it doesn’t have any plans of releasing GTA 6 before 2026. Since there is a lot of anticipation around the game, one doesn’t expect Rockstar Games to push its release beyond 2026.

The entire GTA series has been one of the most profitable gaming products by Rockstar Games. Now that GTA 5 has been declared the second highest-selling video game of all time, Rockstar wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned to ensure GTA 6 lives up to the huge expectations fans have from it. This could be one of the reasons why the publisher doesn’t wish to release the game hurriedly and spend a good amount of time polishing it.

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