GTA Online: Fans Get Curious As a New Online Tease Drops

GTA Online

A lot of discussions are happening in the different forums on GTA Online courtesy of a new online tease that has come to the fore.

This new tease has been released by Tez2 who is known to be very accurate about the leaks and information on GTA games. The insider stated that GTA Online fans should look forward to an important change being brought to the game in the next two weeks.

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Though he deleted the tweet later, the insider stated that Rockstar Games will make an announcement about it soon. While this was enough to get GTA Online fans excited, many of them were expecting Tez2 to share more information about it. The insider, however, refrained from doing so.

Though Tez2 has confidently asserted that “something new” will be arriving on GTA Online, he didn’t share any hint on what this could be. Fans are making all kinds of speculations though. Recently, there were rumors about GTA Online receiving a map expansion during the summers.

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There are reports of Liberty City featuring as a part of this expansion. Liberty City, as one would know, is a fictional version of New York City and has served as the primary setting for GTA 3 and GTA 4. Many of the fans are of the opinion that Tez2 is referring to this through his cryptic tweets. However, there is nobody who can confirm this at the moment.

A large number of fans are also worried that the change, which Tez2 is referring to, might not be very positive and could alter the entire experience of playing the game. A while back, there were rumors about trying out “something new” with GTA Online. This new change turned out to be the subscription service that received a mixed response from the fans.

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