Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks Raise Expectations One Has From The Much-Anticipated Game

GTA 6 concept maps

Some would say that it is early to assume something of this nature, but from whatever one has heard or read about Grand Theft Auto 6, there is a solid chance of it becoming one of the best games of all time.

GTA fans have never really been disappointed with the quality of any of the games released in the franchise. The excitement for GTA 6 is on a different level and Rockstar Games seems to be working extremely hard to ensure that the game lives up to the kind of expectations fans have from it.

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Some of the recent leaks have indicated what one should expect from the game. A lot of GTA fans are of the opinion that the graphics in the leaks were not up to the mark. While that could be true, you shouldn’t assume that the full-fledged game, when released, would have a similar level of visual aesthetics. Many of the pictures and videos pertaining to GTA 6 are still floating on the internet. Anybody who has seen them confidently asserts that the game looks promising.

While players are looking forward to newer elements being introduced to the game, they are also excited at the prospect of many of the popular GTA features being a part of the new game. When players try out a new game that is a part of a popular franchise, they do expect it to have some elements that bring back memories of the older games in the series. Some of the familiar features that players should look forward to in GTA 6 include Vice City, Wanted Levels, Clubs, Drive-bys, Weapon wheel, humor and robberies.

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The leaks have also suggested that the development team has made sincere efforts to ensure that GTA 6 looks like an improvement over the earlier games in the series. Since the gameplay appears to be smooth, one can expect several players to visit the GTA universe for the first time with GTA 6. Though some fans have pointed out at the presence of bugs in some of the clips that have come out, it is not quite uncommon for a game that is still being developed.

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