Grand Theft Auto 6 Map Leak: Here’s What It Revealed About The Game!


After a long time, a Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has offered the fans some interesting elements to ponder upon.

After the GTA 6 leaks that happened in September last year, the fresh Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has got the fans intrigued. The September 2022 leaks gave fans an idea about the game. The recent leak, on the other hand, familiarizes fans with the vastness of the new open world. While Rockstar Games has not confirmed the leak yet, the gaming community is quite positive about the elements shown in it to be a part of the game.

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Here are some of the most important things the map leak reveals about the game:

Vice City Setting

After going through the material that has come to the fore as a result of the GTA 6 map leak and September 2022 leaks, it is quite certain that GTA 6 will be based in Vice City. GTA fans would definitely be happy to see Vice City returning to the franchise. While fans had a chance to visit Vice City in the 3D universe, this would be the first time when they will get the opportunity to have a look at it in the HD universe.

Old Vice City Map Addition

The leaked GTA 6 map didn’t really resemble any of the other open-world maps in the gaming franchise. It, however, offered a glimpse of a part of the old Vice City map. On the right-hand corner of the map, one can see iconic landmarks like Starfish Island and Vice City Beach Island. The Vice City Mainland Island, interestingly, is found to have been expanded significantly.

Presence of Multiple Cities

One of the most important things indicated by the GTA 6 map leaks is the presence of multiple cities in the game. GTA 5 has often been criticized for featuring only one island. If everything falls into place, this is one complaint players wouldn’t have with GTA 6. According to the GTA 6 map leaks, some cities that will feature in GTA 6 are Port Gelhorn, York Town and Red Hill.

Map Size

Since GTA 6 is touted to be the biggest-ever release for Rockstar Games, fans are expecting it to feature a huge map. According to the leaked map, the game will have a huge land mass with a bunch of small islands around it. Fans have drawn comparisons with Los Santos’ map and stated that the GTA 6 leaked map is almost twice as big as the former. Apart from being huge, the map seems to be feature-rich.

Expandable Maps

The leaked map also indicates that the upcoming GTA game would feature expendable maps that will come out a while after the game gets released. While fans would want these expandable maps to be a part of the single-player mode of the game, there is a chance of Rockstar Games making them available only in the multiplayer mode.

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