GTA 6 Release Date: 3 Reasons Why It’s Delayed and Possible Announcement Timeline


GTA 6 release date is more of a myth and a long-running rumor by now, but the cloud is slowly clearing up at this point.

There are some possible and noteworthy reasons why Rockstar Games had to postpone the launch for so many years. A logical reason is to get a polished version of the game out but there are so many other factors that affected it, even the lack of PlayStation 5 consoles that players could purchase.

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Delayed Release is Quite Possible

GTA 6 getting launched even in 2025 is not a surprise considering the amount of work and the massively scaled environments, the game developers are building at the moment. Leakers continue to trickle down lots of information Tez2 claimed the 2024 holiday season is when the massive title is going to get launched. However, Rockstar Games is known for being aware of its product quality and would never go in for a rushed launch. Cyberpunk 2077 or the notoriously bug-filled Skyrim from the past are all strong examples of why game launches shouldn’t be done in a hurried manner.

Next Gen Only

Most game developers are skeptical about going only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. GTA 6 release date getting delayed has so much in common with the lack of stock in stores, as people were not able to buy the newest generation consoles so easily. However, when it gets launched next year or in 2025, things would have settled down. In the past, the publisher launched GTA 5 on PS3, Xbox 360 all the way up to next-generation consoles. However, it had a significant drop down in terms of graphical fidelity which will not be the case with Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Business Reasons Galore

Xbox Game Pass may feature the game on launch for a limited time or it could simply be a rumor. Microsoft has already purchased companies like Blizzard and Activision for billions. It won’t be surprising if they bring in the title allowing GTA 6 release date to be parallel, both in stores and on Xbox Game Pass for a limited time. Such business deals are yet to be finalized, which will further allow Take Two to make more profit from the game. It is evident that game development is not the only reason why GTA 6 got delayed so much but rather the business feasibility surrounding the game.

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