Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement Might Take Place On May 17

GTA 6 concept maps

Fans wishing to hear something about Grand Theft Auto 6 from Rockstar Games might not have to wait for long!

Grand Theft Auto 6 is the most awaited game of our times for multiple reasons. Apart from being the forthcoming installment in the GTA series, the anticipation for the game is on another level as Rockstar Games has largely refrained from sharing any information or update about it in an official capacity.

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Though leaks and rumors surrounding GTA 6 keep coming to the fore regularly, there has been no update from the gaming publisher about it. While fans have been getting restless, there is now a possibility of Rockstar sharing a major update about the game on May 17. On the same day, an investor call by Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games’ parent company, is scheduled to take place.

As of now, Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive hasn’t confirmed a GTA 6 announcement happening on the aforementioned date. The reason behind such speculations being made is that the investor call, as per fans and experts, will serve as a good platform to share some updates pertaining to the release date of the game. If one goes by the comments posted on Twitter and other social networking websites, fans are extremely hopeful about a GTA 6 announcement taking place on May 17.


Some insiders, however, have a slightly different view on this subject. According to Tez2, a prominent GTA insider, the wait to get some official news about GTA 6 would be longer than one anticipates it to be. While Tez2 is of the opinion that Rockstar will share the first look of the game sometime this, they do not believe May 17 to be that date. Tez2 has also asserted that there is a very good possibility of Rockstarmaking an important announcement about GTA 6 on the day when GTA 5 celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

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GTA 5, after being around for ten years, continues to be extremely popular. Its popularity, in fact, has grown with each passing year. Last year, it was officially declared as the second highest-selling game of all time. The game was officially launched on 17 September, 2013. If Rockstar indeed has plans to make a GTA 6 announcement on GTA 5’s tenth anniversary, fans would have to wait for a couple of months more.

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