Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Reintroduce a Controversial GTA Feature

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The return of this feature would be good news for fans who had tried it out in GTA 3 and 4 and were upset with its absence in GTA 6!

After the launch of the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 6, one has come across a plethora of rumors pertaining to the game. While fans are eagerly waiting to know when the second trailer of GTA 6 will come out, they are also wondering as to the kind of elements that will be a part of the much-awaited game. As the sixth game in the GTA franchise, one expects GTA 6 to come equipped with a bunch of fresh features. However, one also believes that the game would have some popular features borrowed from the earlier games in the GTA franchise.

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On online forums, fans have often discussed the kind of features they would want to see in GTA 6. When one goes through the posts or discussions on these forums, one gets an idea about fans’ expectations of the game. As per these discussions, fans wish to see a controversial GTA feature being incorporated in GTA 6.

In Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4, fans witnessed the arrival of locked map regions which obstructed players from unlocking certain areas till the time some crucial portions of the storyline were covered. Rockstar Games did not make this feature a part of GTA 5 for some reason and that left a lot of fans upset.

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GTA 6 would feature two protagonists in the form of Lucia and Jason. The Vice City, as seen in the trailer, looks like an improved version of the one we had seen in the trailer. In Lucia’s official art, we can see her adorning an ankle bracelet. This is an accessory that forbids freshly released convicts from going too far away from their fixed address. Lucia wearing this anklet indicates that she might not have the freedom to move across certain regions on the map initially.

Keeping the aforementioned observation in mind, one can say that it would be a good idea for the locked map regions to be reintroduced in the game. If not anything, it will make all those fans happy who have been missing this GTA feature.

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