GTA 6 Map: Community Mapping Project Leads To Map Size Getting Bigger

GTA 6 Map

As per the mapping community, fans can expect to see several exciting locations on the GTA 6 map when the game arrives in 2025.

Very few games have managed to create the kind of buzz Grand Theft Auto 6 has in the last several months. In February 2022, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on the next iteration of the GTA franchise. While fans already knew that the next GTA game was in the making, this confirmation regarding GTA 6 map has made them extremely joyous.

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Last month, Rockstar released the first official trailer of the game and it created further excitement among fans. While the exact release date for GTA 6 has not been clarified yet, the game should arrive sometime in 2025. Though Rockstar has not divulged much information about GTA 6, fans have built their expectations around the game based on the leaks and rumors they have come across.

While the GTA 6 map has not been unveiled yet, the GTA community has been trying to figure out its size and other details pertaining to it. Meanwhile, the Grand Theft Auto 6 Vice City Mapping Project initiated by DuPz0r has been provided with a fresh update. At the moment, it seems the map is much bigger than one expected it to be.

When Rockstar uploaded the first trailer of GTA 6 last month, it stated that the game would be arriving on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 next year. Along with Vice City, the trailer featured glimpses of some of the regions that are a part of Leonida.

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The mapping community has been working zealously much before the first trailer for the game came out. The infamous 2022 leak, which offered a glimpse into an early build of the game, made fans aware of some of the regions that could be a part of it.

The Vice City Mapping Project by DuPzOr has been progressing at a very good pace. Right now, it seems that most of the areas in Vice City, that will be a part of the game, have been mapped out. While the map was expected to be spread across 16×16 sq km, it is now said to cover 18×18 sq km.

Dupz0r Mapping Project Update! It looks like it’s now even bigger by now going 16×16 to 18×18! Thoughts?
byu/PrinceSnivy24 inGTA6

In the updated map, one can see that a large chunk of Vice City has been mapped with various details about the borders and streets of the city. Many of the regions, including some parts of Port Gellhorn, have been updated. While the streets of Hamlet have been filled up, La Perie and Yorktown are two of the towns that remain incomplete.

While airports in GTA games are not known to be positioned inland, things will be different with GTA 6. As stated by a Redditor, the gaming studio has designed the airports in GTA 6 keeping in mind the original structures of some airports which exist in the real world. This has happened with some of the other games in the franchise as well. While the Los Santos International Airport in GTA 5 was modeled on the Los Angeles International Airport, the Francis International Airport in Liberty City bore a strong resemblance to the John F Kennedy International Airport.

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