Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar Games DID NOT Release a Trailer For The Game on October 21


Now that October 21, 2022 is way past us, we know the truth. For a very long time, there were rumors about a Grand theft Auto 6 trailer being launched on this day.

While some fans were quite excited about this possibility, there were many who didn’t believe it to be true. No trailer or teaser was released on October 21. While there was a decent chance of some GTA 6 material being unveiled, even that did not happen.

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There were many expectations associated with October 21, 2022 as this particular date coincided with the twenty-fifth anniversary of Grand Theft Auto’s first title. Several gaming YouTubers and influencers also confidently asserted that Rockstar Games will release a GTA 6 trailer on this date. This made fans even more confident and resulted in them keenly looking forward to the arrival of October 21.

A lot of people believe that the twenty-fifth anniversary of the GTA series is actually on November 28. Even if it’s true, there is a slim chance of any important announcement coming through on this particular date.

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It is important to note here that there is a lot of ambiguity associated with the release date of the earlier games in the GTA franchise. While most of the games in the series have been documented adequately, there is limited information available on the earliest games in the franchise. Because of this, fans often face issues while tracing the origins of some of the classic games churned out by Rockstar Games.

As no trailer dropped on October 21, fans are now having heated discussions on which would be that date when a trailer or teaser launch would take place. There is a good chance of some announcement happening early next year.

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