Grand Theft Auto 6 Easter Eggs Spotted In Rockstar Games Titles

gta easter egg

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games confirmed that the next iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series is in the works.

While the gaming publisher hasn’t officially announced the title of this game, there is little chance of it being called something other than GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has had a long-standing tradition of teasing fans about its upcoming games in different, innovative ways. Recently, a large number of players have spotted easter eggs in many of the games launched by the company. These easter eggs, as claimed by players who spotted them, are related to GTA 6.

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A popular YouTuber, who goes by the name Strange Man, recently shared a video that explained three easter eggs that could be connected to GTA 6. These eggs were found in different games published by Rockstar Games. While one easter egg was found in Grand Theft Auto 5, another one was discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2. The third one was spotted in San Andreas Definitive Edition.

As the video starts, you see Strange Man talking about a poster outside the Weazel Dorset Theater situated in Rockford Hills. You can see ‘Vice The Musical’ being written on the poster quite clearly. As anybody could guess, this is a direct reference to Vice City. On the poster, you can also see a male and female dancer. These two figures, presumably, serve as a reference to Jason and Lucia, two characters that have been discussed extensively in GTA 6 leaks.

The poster also features two distinctive police cars approaching the dancers. The ‘smoke’ on the poster makes it look further interesting. As per the explanations put across by Strange Man, the poster represents the criminal attributes of the two protagonists. It shows that law enforcement agencies are constantly looking out for them.

GTA vice

Players have also managed to get a clue about the release window of GTA 6 from the poster. You can see ‘August 14 – October 20’ being written on the poster. This has led many players to assume that GTA 6 will release between August 14 and October 20 this year. However, since no year is mentioned on the poster, there is a good possibility of it releasing next year or in 2024.

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The second easter egg has been discovered in New Austin in Red Dead Redemption 2. In a barren land, players will stumble upon a skeleton that would have a letter featuring the text – “Letter to Brother Rodolfo and Cardinal Blanco.”

Strange Man has stated that this particular letter has an encrypted message about Sam and Dan Houser, who happen to be the founders of Rockstar Games. According to Strange Man, there is a strong hint about the status of the development process of the game in it.

gta easter missionary

One of the lines read “God calls you from the east.” This made Strange Man arrive at the conclusion that GTA 6 could be set in Vice City. The third easter egg was found in the remastered version of San Andreas. A portrait of a house was seen in the game. As per Strange Man, these kinds of houses are most commonly found in Miami. Based on this theory, Miami could feature as one of the major locations in GTA 6.

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