Grand Theft Auto 6: Gameplay Features That You Can Look Forward To In The Upcoming Game


It would be an understatement to say that fans are keenly looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The game is enjoying the kind of hype that very few games in the history of gaming have seen coming their way. Though GTA 6 is far away from its launch, it is being discussed extensively on a regular basis. While not much has been confirmed by Rockstar Games, the rumors and leaks have helped one understand what one should expect from it.

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Recently, a leaked clip offered a glimpse of some of the features that one could expect to see in GTA 6. Even though Rockstar hasn’t offered any clarification on the in-game mechanics of GTA 6, fans have been constantly having discussions about the gameplay features that could be a part of the game.

A GTA fan named Dylan took to Twitter to share a list comprising all those gameplay features that could be a part of GTA 6. This list has been created by Kuriousgeorgebush, a Reddit user. Interestingly, the account of this particular user has been suspended. A few of the mechanics stated on the list are quite interesting and it would be quite interesting to see how they will be incorporated into the game.

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One of the probable gameplay features in GTA 6 includes a Vice City map that will prominently showcase Florida, limited weapon inventory, RPG elements like animal taming, food, drinks, fatigue and sweat, mountain-bike ramps, new weapon wheel, new car damage models and several dynamic world events.

If the aforementioned gameplay features are actually found in the game, GTA 6 would definitely prove to be a huge bonanza for the fans. As a few players have pointed out, some of the features that have been listed are quite similar to the kind one has come across in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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