GTA 6: Rockstar Games Confirms That it is “Aware of the Expectations” of Fans

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It has been a couple of months since Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto.

Though the game does not have an official title yet, it is being referred to as Grand Theft Auto 6 by fans and media alike. Since Grand Theft Auto 5, the last GTA title, was released almost a decade ago, fans have huge expectations from GTA 6. The fact that Rockstar has refrained from sharing any major update about it has made them even more anxious.


In a recently published post, Rockstar Games spoke about the newest updates rolled out for Red Dead Online. In the same post, the gaming publisher discussed the kind of ambitions it has for GTA 6. In this post, Rockstar stated that it is aware of the gigantic expectations fans have from the game and the entire team is working dedicatedly towards putting together a game that will make them happy. Through the post, the gaming publisher said that they are trying to ensure that GTA 6 turns out to be the best game in the franchise so far.

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After making the confirmation about developing GTA 6, Rockstar Games has largely been silent about it and that has led to the emergence of countless rumors and unverified reports about the game. While many industry experts have asserted that the game will see the light of day in 2024, Rockstar Games has decided to remain quiet about it.


Rumors about other games from Rockstar Games’ stable have also kept fans engaged. A couple of days, an insider claimed that the plans for releasing the remastered versions of Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV have been put on the backburner. As per the leaker, Rockstar plans to focus on the development process of GTA 6 at the moment.

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While one is not sure as to when Rockstar Games will share any substantial information about GTA 6, its acknowledgment of the excitement that fans have for it has fuelled hope in the gaming community. Fans are hopeful that the gaming publisher will share an important update in the near future.

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