Minecraft Makes Its Stand Against Blockchain Technologies and NFTs Clear

Minecraft: The 3D Sandbox

NFTs have attracted curiosity and controversies in equal measures.

There is still not enough clarity around them and that’s the primary reason why many gaming publishers have refrained from adopting them. While many have lauded NFTs for the innovation they have brought to the fore, there are many who have criticized them for many of the issues associated.

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At the moment, a lot of people are not sure whether the arrival of NFTs in the gaming industry will benefit it. That, of course, hasn’t stopped some important publishers from trying them out. Minecraft developer Mojang, however, has made it clear that it will not extend any support to NFTs and blockchain technologies. Through an official statement, the Minecraft developer stated that the whole concept of NFTs is against the principles of “creative inclusion” that the game is known for.

Mojang, via this statement, has also clarified that the terms of use put together by Minecraft enable the servers’ owners to ask the players to pay a certain fee for access. The hosts of these servers are given the responsibility to share the content with all the users. The studio has made it clear that this particular policy is a result of Mojang’s resolve to keep the game inclusive and safe.

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Those who have studied NFTs would know that they are known to have a certain exclusivity around them. That explains why the Minecraft team is not entertaining the possibility of incorporating them. This is the major reason why Mojang has taken the decision to get blockchain technology banned at Minecraft. Any third-party or user-generated content like skins, worlds, mods and other items that are a part of NFTs will not be introduced in Minecraft.

While the studio doesn’t rule out the possibility of making NFT implementations in the game in the future, Mojang is of the opinion that unless NFTs evolve and become inclusive, they shouldn’t be made a part of Minecraft.

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