Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumor Reveals Potential GTA 4 Surprise To Be Included

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According to a new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor, a major GTA 4 surprise will be revealed in the game soon.

As per the rumor, even GTA 5 fans should look forward to a surprise. Two important characters, according to the leaker, will be making a comeback with the arrival of GTA 6. While one of these characters will be from GTA 4, the other character will be from GTA 5.

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Niko Bellic, who received a mention in GTA 5, is said to be one of these two characters. Bellic, interestingly, happens to be one of those characters who got away despite committing multiple crimes. Apart from numerous articles featuring him, there is also a documentary made on him. In GTA 4, one witnessed major power shifts in the world of crime and most factions getting weakened or losing a part of their power because of multiple factors. If some elements of GTA 4 make their way into GTA 6, it would be good news for those who have enjoyed playing this game in the past.


According to the leaker, the other character whose comeback one should look forward to is Michael De Santa. Michael happens to be one of the main characters in GTA 5. The leaker has also stated that Ned Luke, the voice actor for Michael, has been working very closely with Rockstar Games. There have also been rumors about Michael featuring in the next major update of GTA Online.

The leaker states that the character could either come back via a GTA Online DLC or he could be shown producing a film in Vice City. While the leaker is not sure how the character will stage his comeback, he is quite certain about him getting back into the game.

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All the aforementioned information has been shared by GTA_VI_Leak on Reddit. Earlier, the leaker had shared information about DrDre being a part of The Contract DLC. Though the details shared by the leaker are intricate, he doesn’t have much evidence to back them up with. Therefore, just like any other rumor about GTA 6, one has to take this information with a pinch of salt.

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