Grand Theft Auto Leaker Shares Information About New GTA Online DLC

Grand Theft Auto Online

There have been reports about Rockstar Games working towards developing a new GTA Online DLC.

This new DLC, as per the reports, has been given the codename DLC Pack 1. While there is no clarity on when this DLC will be released, a Grand Theft Auto leaker has come out with some important information pertaining to it.

The leaker states that players should look forward to seeing a lot of exciting vehicles when this DLC arrives. According to the leaker, there will be as many as 26 new slots for the vehicles. There is a specific reason behind the presence of 26 slots. The 10 car garages offer three additional slots where bicycles can be placed. What this essentially means is that players will have the opportunity to buy two more garages or apartments.

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The leaker has also confirmed the inclusion of two new rifles will be included in the game. While they have described one of the two rifles as a ‘tactical rifle’, the other rifle is being developed with the codename ‘PRCSRIFLE’.

New GTA online glitch

The leaker has further stated that the new DLC will mark the arrival of several skydiving activities. These activities, as suggested by the reports, are related to a soon-to-be-launched collectible based on skydiving. There is also a good possibility of an important activity taking place outside the geographical boundaries of San Andreas.

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Though fans were expecting the leaker to share more information about this DLC, they refrained from talking about it more and stated that more details will be out as we move closer to the release date. The leaker also dropped a hint about more people being aware of this DLC. Because of this, there is a chance that the next update about this DLC could come from another leaker.

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