Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Could Mark The Return Of Erstwhile Disney Worlds


Though the presence of different Disney worlds hasn’t contributed to propelling the narrative forward in the Kingdom Hearts series, they have been loved by fans.

Because of the feedback given by gamers, the publisher has made it a point to ensure that the Disney world remains an integral part of the gaming franchise.

Though some of the recently released games in the series have explored other types of Disney properties, there is a chance of some of the older or rather, classic Disney titles staging a comeback with the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 4.

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Apart from Hercules, all the other chapters in Kingdom Hearts 3 featured contemporary Disney elements. Many of these elements were sourced from Pixar films and other animated movies like Big Hero 6, Tangled and Frozen. The earlier games in the series, however, featured traditional tropes from Disney. Since Star Wars and Marvel are Disney properties, one expects them to get some representation in the game in the future.

Since the classic Disney elements continue to be a hit with gamers, there is a very good chance of them being re-introduced in Kingdom Hearts 4. Though re-using elements that have been brought on board in older games is often said to be a result of creative exhaustion, this particular strategy might work very well for the creators of Kingdom Hearts 4.

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Fans have been missing the presence of older Disney worlds in the franchise and bringing them back would not only make them feel nostalgic but would also get them further excited about the game. If we look at many of the games released in the recent past, the re-introduction of popular elements from the earlier games in the franchise is a trick that has largely worked.

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