Grand Theft Auto Online: Annis 300R Becomes Available To Players Again

GTA Online

The Annis 300R, which had caught the attention of a large number of Grand Theft Auto Online players, is back in the game.

A while back, the Annis 300R was introduced as a time-limited vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was one of those vehicles that players wanted to stick around in the game for a long time. Players, who were missing the presence of this vehicle in GTA Online, should be happy to find it in the game again.

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While it is not a permanent addition, players can now purchase it from the Legendary Motorsport website and use it for some time. The vehicle has been put up for sale on the website from 6 April and is available till 12 April. Players can buy this car for $2,075,000. Till now, Rockstar Games has not offered any clarification on when the game will be made available to players after it goes off the shelves again.

In the past, there have been many instances where Rockstar gave incentives or made such vehicles available at a discounted price to ensure a larger number of players opt for them. The Annis 300R, however, has not been offered at a discounted price. Since this particular car was earlier offered between December 13 and December 28, 2022, many players might already have it.

In GTA Online, procuring the Annis 300R is a very simple process. On the Legendary Motorsport website, you have to search for this car. Once you find it, you need to pay $2,075,000 and the car will be yours.

A YouTuber named Broughy1322 tested and analyzed the car thoroughly and offered a breakdown of its features and performance through a video uploaded on their channel. While the car offers a top speed of 120 mph, its lap time is 1:03.881. Sports class vehicles, of course, boast of higher speeds and better lap times. However, given the category and pricing of the Annis 300R, it is quite good.

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The armor that features on the Annis 300R is the same as you come across in the other Imani Tech vehicles. Players also get to choose between a Missile Lock-On Jammer and a Remote Control Unit. You must choose the modifications based on what you hope to achieve with the vehicle. The design of the Annis 300R is highly impressive and is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this vehicle.

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