GTA Online Bug Makes It Possible For Players To Finish Shooting Range Gun Challenges Comfortably

GTA Online Update

Glitches in GTA Online are quite common and more often than not, they give players the opportunity to engage in some fun or earn some rewards.

When you play Grand Theft Auto Online over a period of time, you will come across a bunch of money glitches. Players, in fact, look for one GTA online bug or another all the time so that they can get an edge in the game. Recently, a popular YouTuber called Estractz discovered and revealed a Bunker business glitch that enables players to finish the Bunker Shooting Range challenge in record time and get their hands on a variety of perks and rewards.

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In the recent past, Rockstar Games had been quite active in identifying glitches and getting rid of them. This particular glitch, however, seemed to have gone unnoticed by them and now, players are taking advantage of it.

Estractz, on December 14, 2022, uploaded a video called Easy Bunker Shooting Range Glitch Complete All Tiers Works On All Platforms in which they showcased the glitch. According to this video demonstration, this glitch offers a bunch of rewards to players including increased weapon loadout, fine apparel and custom skin designed for weapons.

To take some advantage of this glitch, a player ought to be equipped with the Bunker Shooting Range along with a gun locker inside the Bunkers. They will also have the opportunity to utilize a bunch of other gun lockers placed in other locations.

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After visiting the locker, players have to make a few changes to the settings as instructed in the video. After that, they will have to go to the GTA Online Bunker Shooting Range, click on the Interaction Menu, go through the Inventory List and choose Disable Custom Weapon Loadout. Now, they will be able to access the shooting range and choose any of the six challenge categories.

Each of the Bunker Shooting Range challenges, as per the YouTuber, features three tiers. According to Estractz, players must come out of the shooting area, get the custom weapon loadout disabled and then, come back for the next challenge.

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