Resident Evil 4 Remake on PlayStation 5 Gets a New Upgrade

Resident Evil 4 Remake

A new update has resulted in enhancing the experience of playing the Resident Evil 4 remake on PS5.

After the recently rolled-out Mercenaries update, the overall look and feel of the Resident Evil 4 remake has received a massive upgrade. While there is not enough clarity about the changes made by Capcom to the PS5 version, players have pointed out that the image quality of the game has improved significantly. Apart from that, the frame rate of the game, too, seems to have gotten better.

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Those who play the Resident Evil 4 remake on PS5 have shared multiple posts on Reddit exclaiming how much the game has improved after the recent update. Some players, however, have also mentioned a few changes that are not so pleasant. On Reddit, one player pointed out how certain sections were now looking a little blurred. However, the general response has been largely positive.

Resident Evil 4 image quality has improved on ps5 after mercenaries update
by u/vexen4 in PS5

While the players have noticed a few of the changes that have been brought to the game, Capcom has not shared any confirmation or statement about it yet. Once Capcom sheds some light on it, one will get clearer about how this update has affected the game. Till then, one can just feel happy about the fact that most of these changes seem to have improved the game and made the experience of playing it on PS5 far more fun and engaging.

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Currently, the RE 4 remake is available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5. The remake has primarily lived up to the expectations one had of it. Before its release, a certain section of gamers were skeptical about how it would turn out to be. The game, however, has managed to strike a chord with most fans of the original Resident Evil 4.

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