Grand Theft Auto Online: Leaker Drops Hint About Liberty City Expansion

GTA 6 design

While GTA fans are waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 to arrive, there is a lot of time for it to get an official launch.

Till then, fans can rejoice about the fact that Grand Theft Auto Online has been launched on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Rockstar Games seems to have several other major plans for GTA Online and GTA 5 that one will get to know in the near future.

One of the factors that have contributed greatly to the success of GTA Online is the fact that Rockstar Games has updated the content regularly. The game has moved with the times and that’s the reason gamers, belonging to different age groups, have lapped it up in such a huge way. If rumors are to be believed, another major content update is slated to release soon.

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On Twitter, leaker Matheusvictorb tweeted about Rockstar Games planning to roll out a major update for Grand Theft Auto Online very soon. The update is expected to come out sometime during the summer. While there is not much information available about this update yet, there is a strong possibility of it including a map expansion. The leaker shared a picture of the Statue of Liberty in their tweet. This suggests that the GTA Online map expansion could be carried out in Liberty City. As fans would know, Liberty City is GTA’s representation of New York City.

In the past, most of the news leaked by Matheusvictorb about GTA had turned out to be true. The leaker is known for doing a lot of research before leaking any news. While the leaker has been quite reliable so far, one can never be sure enough about this piece of information till Rockstar Games conforms it.

A major reason why one is skeptical about the authenticity of this leak is because rumors about a Liberty City Expansion in GTA Online have floated around for a very long time and something of that sort hasn’t happened till now. However, if it fructifies this time around, it will help the game in a big way.

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A major map expansion in the game would not only please the current players, it could also play a big role in reigniting the interest of some lapsed players in the game. With Rockstar Games launching its GTA Online subscription service, the gaming publisher is keen on bringing many of the older players, who stopped playing a long time ago, back to playing the game.

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