The Elder Scrolls 6 Expected To Release A Bunch Of Skyrim Features

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

In the RPG genre, The Elder Scrolls has managed to retain its position as one of the most popular games worldwide.

In fact, the game has set new benchmarks for this genre in various ways. Whenever a new title is added to the series, one observes that Bethesda Game Studios simplifies a couple of features. While it simplified the process of character creation in certain games, a set of new features like Shouts were added to Skyrim. Now, there is news that the gaming publisher is planning to incorporate certain features from Skyrim into The Elder Scrolls 6.

After the mammoth success of Skyrim, it seems The Elder Scrolls has a lot of catching up to do. Initially, fans wondered whether eliminating certain features would affect the game adversely. However, when you think about it carefully, you realize doing away with a few features does not really take away the essence of a game. Games are supposed to evolve with time and getting rid of an old feature actually gives developers the scope to think of new ideas and develop brand new features to serve as a replacement for the older ones.

Elder scrolls 6

If you speak to any Skyrim player, they will tell you that two of the biggest reasons behind the success of the game are its simplicity and easy-to-understand features. Therefore, while eliminating some of the older features and adding newer ones, Bethesda should ensure that the game does not become complex.

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The Elder Scrolls games are known to feature open worlds comprising side quests and exciting events that players thoroughly enjoy being a part of. If you are not using the survival mode on Skyrim, you have the option of going for fast travel. This option enables you to visit any of the places that you would have visited earlier.

It would be a good idea for The Elder Scrolls to eliminate this option and get players to use pre-decided quick travel areas to go from one place to another. Players would find this process more immersive as it would give them the opportunity to get a very good idea about the map. The new content, introduced by the developing team, should focus on making the process of maneuvering the world beyond the map easier for the players.

Signposts have been an integral part of the many mods in Skyrims and including them in The Elder Scrolls would serve the game well. Players should also get the opportunity to hire guides at specific locations so that they get some help while trying to discover the area.

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In Skyrim, players get a plethora of options to scale up their characters. The more you use an individual skill in the game, the more experienced you will be. For instance, to get ahead in the one-handed space, players will be required to use one-handed weapons more frequently. While this helps players in getting better at one particular skill, it involves certain complexities. While adopting this feature, The Elder Scrolls should try to make it more accessible and simpler.

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