Insider: Grand Theft Auto 6 Could Use a Feature From Cancelled Game

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As per reports carried out by different online publications, Rockstar Games had given a nod to develop Bully 2 on several occasions in the past before getting it abandoned.

If reports are to be believed, the gaming company, recently, had ambitious plans to revive the project and mount it on a big scale but all those plans fell through.

According to reports, Rockstar Games had decided to design Bully 2 in a way that would enable players to get inside the building. Now, this would have been quite revolutionary as players don’t get the opportunity to do this even in linear AAA games. In open-world games, which feature a town along with several other objects, this is a distant possibility.

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With Bully 2 being scrapped for the time being, one cannot expect to see this feature come alive in the game. However, there is a good chance of gamers getting to experience this feature in Grand Theft Auto 6. It is being said that Rockstar Games is planning to incorporate this feature in GTA 6. For this feature, GTA 6 seems to be the perfect fit as the game has no dearth of tall and lavishly designed buildings.

Tez2, who is considered to be a reliable Rockstar Games insider, has claimed that Rockstar Games initially had grand plans for Bully 2 but then, they started wondering whether it would be wise to spend a lot of money, at this point of time, on a franchise that is not as big as a Red Dead Redemption or a GTA.

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About Bully 2 getting canceled, he said, “They definitely had interesting ideas and a functional vertical slice, but faced issues with certain mechanics that would require more effort and a great budget for a game that may not be as successful as GTA.

He further added, “Rockstar have talked about how the tools have improved since GTA V’s release under RDR2 development and will be improved even more under GTA 6 development too. Maybe by then, the tech Rockstar would have could solve most of the issues to do with Bully 2?”

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