GTA 4 Completes 15 Years of Its Release: Here’s How Fans Celebrated The Occasion

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GTA 4 fans were in a celebratory mood as the game completed a decade and a half of its existence!

29 April 2008 was the day when Grand Theft Auto 4 was launched. It was the fourth entry in the GTA franchise and all the three games that had released prior to it had done extremely well. Because of this, there was a lot of anticipation around the game. The game lived up to the kind of expectations GTA fans had from it and continues to be a fan-favorite after all these years. The game completing 15 years of its existence, therefore, was a big moment for fans of the GTA franchise.

Fans took to Twitter and other social media platforms to celebrate the 15-year-long existence of the game. GTA 4, in a lot of ways, has been different from the other games in the franchise. While its tone has been darker than the other games in the series, the narrative too is much more layered than the kind you come across in the other GTA games. While several gaming experts have criticized the game for featuring content that is abundant in sex, violence and other adult themes, these elements have worked very well for those who like edgier games.

GTA 4 has a large fanbase comprising of players of different age groups. Many like the game because of its straightforward approach. Unlike San Andreas, it doesn’t feature planes, has minimal customization options and there is less absurdity. There are many players who also love the game owing to the humorous content it provides them with. Many are of the opinion that the game is superior to GTA 5 in many aspects.

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A while back, there were rumors about Rockstar Games getting the game remastered. However, it is being said that the gaming publisher has shelved its plans of coming up with a remastered version of the game. There is, of course, a decent chance of Rockstar reviving its plans and presenting the game in a new avatar to fans.

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