GTA Online Jet God Mode Glitch: Here’s What You Should Know About It

GTA Online Jet

While GTA Online players would have encountered several glitches in the game so far, the new Jet God Mode glitch that has come to the fore is rather unique!

The Jet God Mode glitch, which had reared its head in Grand Theft Auto Online a while back, is back in the game again. This glitch is quite unique as it makes the plane of the player immune to any kind of damage. However, this glitch is not that simple. Before a player tries to exploit this glitch, they must try to understand it fully well.

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When it comes to GTA Online, the glitches are fixed quite quickly. If you are planning to exploit the Jet God Mode glitch, you must not waste any time and do it quickly. However, before you do so, you must have a fair idea about the dynamics of this glitch.

As stated earlier, this glitch makes your plane invincible to any form or attack. No matter what somebody does, the plane will not suffer from any kind of damage. In the game, many tactics are used to fight off players who are considered to be invisible. However, none of those techniques will work on the plane when this glitch is activated.

To exploit the Jet God Mode in the game, you need to do a bunch of things and have a couple of things at your disposal as well. First of all, you need to have a friend who own a fancy apartment and is capable of launching a heist. Apart from a jet, you are also required to have a hangar at your disposal.

Along with a plane, your friend should have a green heist on their phone. If you happen to see a blue heist notification popping up on your phone, you should be ready to retire as a CEO. The one who is in possession of the jet must also have an invite that enables them to go ahead with the setup process. This player should get inside the plane and stay put on the invite page.

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After this, one has to ensure that the player comes out of the hangar and receives the heist invite message quickly. Even after the plane moves away from the hangar, the friend shouldn’t make a hasty attempt towards getting inside the car. The player is expected to wait until they are able to view the heist planning board clearly.

After following the aforementioned steps, one can expect the Jet God Mode glitch to get activated. Because of this glitch, no bullet or explosives would have any impact on the plane. Depending on how you use this glitch, you can benefit hugely from it.

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