GTA Online Custom License Plates: Here’s All That You Need To Know About Them

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The GTA Online custom license plates have been a source of wonder for many. Today, we decode them for you!

Grand Theft Auto Online gives players the opportunity to explore several mystifying areas of the vast city that San Andreas is. While it also enables players to take part in challenging missions and engage with a large number of players, one of the most interesting aspects of the game has been customized vehicles.

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Apart from customizing vehicles as per their preference, players also get the chance to embellish the cars with unique license plates. The players can get these license plates designed according to their sensibilities and add text of their choice as well.

In GTA Online, players can customize their license plates with interesting text and design with the help of a feature called License Plate Creator. Somebody who wishes to use this feature has to go to the Rockstar Games Social Club, get themselves logged in and start the process.

After logging in, players will get the opportunity to choose from as many as five different license plate backgrounds. They will also be allowed to edit the text inscribed on the plate. After the design gets finalized, players will have to choose one of the vehicles which they used recently and proceed towards placing an order. The first license plate order will be processed free of cost. Players will get to create as many as 30 custom plates.

If a player wishes to put together GTA Online custom license plates very fast, they will have to go to the official website of License Plate Creator through their computer system or smartphone. After choosing a particular design and determining the text, players should opt for the Next Button, select a particular vehicle they want the plate to be used for and then, click on Place Order.

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Earlier, players had the option to use the iFruit app to put together custom license plates. After tracing the Los Santos Customs icon present on the home page of the app, they had to GTA Online account to start the process. After doing this, the 10 most used vehicles by the player would be visible on the screen. After that, players can conveniently create one custom license plate after another.

The aforementioned app offered players a wide range of plate backgrounds to choose from featuring urban themes. Players could also change the text present on the license plate without any difficulty.

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