GTA 5 Fans Release New Story Expansion For The Game

Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA fans, yet again, show their creativity by putting together an interesting story expansion for GTA 5!

Next month, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be completing a decade since its release. While this is something GTA fans would want to celebrate, they are also anxious about the release date of GTA 6. Over the years, GTA 6 5 has gone from strength to strength and it has emerged as one of the most successful gaming titles of all time. Though fans continue to enjoy playing GTA 5, they are wondering when they would get to try out the next game in the franchise.

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The wait for a new game in the franchise and complete silence on GTA 6 by Rockstar has actually done some good. Instead of waiting hopelessly for GTA 6, fans are using their time and creative energies towards creating mods for GTA 5. According to recent reports, a particular modder has included a full-fledged story mode that players can try out right away.

The aforementioned mod is called Inworld Sentient Streets and utilizes more than 30 AI models to enable players to engage in open-ended conversations with NPCs in real time. Through this standalone story, players get the opportunity to operate as a “skilled and successful law enforcement officer within the Los Santos Police Department”.

The description of the mod states, “Exercise your agency by selecting from a pool of three distinct partners, each with their own characteristics. Confront formidable challenges throughout your shifts, interact with criminal elements, and exercise your decision-making prowess. Powered by Inworld AI Character Engine, all the characters in this mod provide you with unparalleled control over your gameplay.”

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There is also information about the plot of the mod. According to the description, the story revolves around a dangerous cult called ‘The NihilAIsts’ which works towards assuming complete control over the city of Los Santos.

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