GTA Online Leaks Pertaining To Pre-Release Beta Build Features Cut Content

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A GTA Online build that was put together almost ten years back has come to the fore and given fans an idea about the kind of elements that didn’t make it to the game!

When it comes to popular games, fans are always eager to know about the elements that didn’t make it to the final cut. While a gaming studio always has good reasons for not incorporating or taking out certain things from a game, fans find it interesting to dig out information about those elements that were supposed to be a part of the game.

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An ardent GTA fan has stumbled upon a beta build of GTA Online that was never released. This beta build is almost a decade old and offers a glimpse of some of the features that were supposed to be a part of the game but were eventually taken out. In the last couple of months, this happens to be the second major GTA Online leak that has come to the fore. The last leak was about an insider divulging the release date of an update for the game that is now out.

On October 1, this year, Grand Theft Auto Online will complete ten years of its existence. The game was released a couple of weeks after GTA 5 as Rockstar Games needed some time to work towards eliminating the bugs that were found to be a part of it.

This particular leak is a result of YouTuber KimiSha19 figuring out how to launch the first version of GTA Online which was an integral part of the day-one build of GTA 5. It was, however, never given an official release. After experimenting a bit with the Xbox 360 emulator Xenia, the YouTuber realized that it was quite possible to emulate the game on the early GTA 5 build to try out the pre-release online multiplayer mode.

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A GTA Forums member, identifying themselves as BakeWithMe1000, got greatly excited by this discovery and decided to check how different the final version of GTA Online was from the initial build. In order to do this, they started doing extensive research on this never-released version of GTA Online.

The beta version of GTA Online, which has just been discovered, is not playable for most players owing to a large number of bugs and the absence of certain important mechanics. It, of course, has a bunch of features that didn’t make it to the final game. These features would interest even those who hadn’t put much thought into what or how a pre-release build of GTA Online would have looked like.

One of the most interesting features that have been discovered is the Wasted screen which gives detailed information about the weapon that was used to eliminate the player. This inventive feature also described the locations of the fights. The UI of the early build also seemed to be quite different from that of the final version.

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